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Special Interest

Sri Lanka offers a plethora of special activities around the country and we offer you the possibility of organizing your travel Saga around a special theme of your choice. Your special interest saga will be planned around the main area of interest which could be Heritage, Adventure, Wildlife, sporting activities, marine life and many more…

We offer the services of experienced specialists in their relevant fields such as Para Gliding, Para motoring, Sky Diving, Ballooning, White water rafting, Kite surfing, surfing and Diving. You will be accompanied and instructed by them when practicing your favourite activity or sport.

Our travel team will design the perfect tour which will be focused on your selected theme while including the most celebrated sites in Sri Lanka for a wholesome travel experience!

Discover some of our Special Interest Activities
Kite Surfing
White Water Rafting
Hiking & Trekking
Mountain Bike Tours
Para Motoring
Sky Diving
Diving (Amazing Coral Reefs)
Whale & Dolphin watching
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