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Colombo (+5.30 GMT)
Sunny Day
High 30C - Low 26C
Adventure & Wildlife
Package Summary
Tour Duration
12 Days
11 Nights
Day 01
Airport to Negombo
Day 02
Negombo / Habarana / Sigiriya
Day 03
Sigiriya / Habarana / Polonnaruwa
Day 04
Sigiriya / Ritigala / Kandy
Day 05
Kandy / Pinnawala/ Peradeniya
Day 06
Kandy / Kithulgala / Nuwara Eliya
Day 07
Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains
Day 08
Nuwara Eliya / Yala
Day 09
Yala / Balapitiya / Bentota
Day 10
Day 11
Bentota / Colombo
Day 12
Colombo / Airport
Elephant Back Safari
Village Tour
Explore Heritage city on a
Mountain Bike
Sigiriya Rock Fortress Visit
Mountain Climbing
Spice Garden Visit
Elephant Orphanage Visit
Royal Botanical Gardens Visit
White Water Rafting
Safari in Yala
Water Skiing
Wind Surfing

The tropics and adventure? Isn't that a wonderful combination? Sri Lanka is an island of much diversity its mind boggling to fathom the complexity. For the adventure seekers, Sri Lanka offers amazing options from the hidden mystic waterfalls to the majestic leopards. Hence this program is designed to introduce the various options available for the adventure seeker on the island paradise.

Day 01

Meet and assist at the Airport. Transfer to the hotel in Negombo.

Dinner & overnight stay in Negombo.

Day 02

After breakfast proceed to Habarana followed by Safari on Elephant Back.


Elephant back safaris in Sri Lanka are one of the newest and most thrilling safari experiences in Sri Lanka. These safaris not only make it possible to view wildlife from the back of an elephant, but perhaps more importantly, provide the unique opportunity to share a day in the life of an elephant.

In the evening climbing Sigiriya Rock Fortress.


Sigiriya Located a few hours' drive from Colombo, Sigiriya is a magnificent rock fortress built in the 5th century A.D. This majestic Citadel in the sky was the refuge of King Kasyapa and is world-renowned for its Mirror Wall', which consists of poems and paragraphs carved by thousands of people who visited the rock many years ago and for its magnificent frescoes similar to the Ajantha frescoes of India.

Dinner & overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 03

After breakfast visit of a Sri Lankan Village in Habarana.


Village folks are always curious about foreign visitors. Countryside families would be so keen to chat and it is rare to walk for 10-20 minutes without being invited for tea. You can have a Sri Lankan traditional lunch in a village household. Eating simple village food in rustic surrounds has its own taste and you would surely enjoy it. During your countryside trips you can enjoy various aspects of village life. You can see their lifestyle in close quarters. You can understand how hard they work to earn their livelihood. You would see several activities associated with day-to-day village life such as fishing, wood carving, bakery, farming, coconut tree climbing etc.

In the evening explore the Polonnaruwa historical city by mountain bike.


If you thought Anuradhapura was unbeatable in terms of history and ruins well think again. Polonaruwa will just blow you away. It would take you a while to fathom that such a city ever existed many years ago and after you return to your true senses the journey through this colossal city would be nothing less than magical. Polonnaruwa is Sri Lanka's second oldest kingdom and features a plethora of ruins and places of religious worship.

Dinner & overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 04

After breakfast proceed to Ritigala Buddist Monastary.


Ritigala Mountain situated 21 km off Habarana, Sri Lanka. The monastery at Ritigala consists of meditation platforms and walkways that are in perfect harmony with the huge boulders, trees and streams of the serene environment in the Habarana jungle. Some opinions point out that Ritigala may also have housed a hospital. After the monastery had been abandoned for a very long period, it was rediscovered by the then government surveyor James Mantell in 1872. Ritigala had been used as a base for battle by Pandukabhaya the founder of Anuradhapura city.

In the afternoon proceed to Kandy, en-route visit a Spice Garden in Matale.


If you thought Anuradhapura was unbeatable in terms of history and ruins well think again. Polonaruwa will just blow you away. It would take you a while to fathom that such a city ever existed many years ago and after you return to your true senses the journey through this colossal city would be nothing less than magical. Polonnaruwa is Sri Lanka's second oldest kingdom and features a plethora of ruins and places of religious worship.

Dinner & overnight stay in Kandy.

Day 05
KANDY / Pinnawala / Peradeniya / Kandy

After breakfast proceed to Pinnawala Elephant Orphange


Features one of the biggest herds of captive elephants in the world. The Pinnawela herd today numbers nearly 71 and is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. The main attraction at Pinnawela is watching the elephants walking down to the river twice a day to have their bath. Feeding time for baby elephants is also a very popular time to visit the orphanage. Afternoon visit Peradeniya botanical Gardens

In the afternoon proceed to Kandy, en-route visit a Spice Garden in Matale.


The history of the Royal Botanical Gardens dates as far back as 1371 when King Wickramabahu III ascended the throne and kept court at Peradeniya near Mahaweli Ganga. Later, in the reign of King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe from 1747 to 1780 this was made a Royal Garden and from 1780 – 1798 King RajadhiRajasinghe resided therein, where a temporary residence was erected for him. There are around ten thousand plants & trees inclusive of 4000 labeled species.

Afterwards excursion to Nuwara Eliya, enroute visit a tea factory. Evening city tour of Nuwara Eliya.

Dinner & Overnight stay in Kandy

Day 06

After breakfast proceed to Kithulgala.

White Water Rafting at Kithulgala

White water rafting on the Kelani river from Kitulgala is one of the most exciting and accessible activities Sri Lanka has to offer. What was previously best known as the location for the film 'Bridge over the river Kwai' is fast gaining a reputation of a far more thrilling nature. The area around Kithulgala is stunning ('Kitul' is a type of palm tree) and one of the most fertile regions in Sri Lanka.

In the evening proceed to Nuwara Eliya, En-route visit Tea Plantation and Tea Factory at Labukale Tea Industrial Estate.

After checking-in to Grand Hotel.


(City of Lights), also known as 'Little' England', was the favorite hill station of the British who tried to create Nuwara Eliya into a typical English Village. The old brick Post office, country house like hill club, with its hunting pictures, mounted hunting trophies and fish, and it's strict formal dinner attire; the 18 hole golf course, race course etc., all remind you of 'England' Dinner and overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Dinner & Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Day 07

After breakfast proceed to Horton Plains.

In the morning trekking in Horton Plains National Park.


Horton Plains National Park, a World Heritage Site perched on the southern edge of the Central highlands, midway between Nuwara Eliya & Haputale consists of montane forests, where the land rises to 2,500 meters above sea-level. Horton Plains is home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species such as the western-purple-faced langur, the Horton Plains slender loris and the Sri Lankan leopard. The region is considered a super biodiversity hotspot. The Park (10,000 ha), named after British governor Sir Robert Horton is a world apart from the rest of our tropical island. This is the Island's highest & most isolated plain, a result of millions of years of erosion. The importance of conservation of the park lies in, among others, in its role as the catchment area of the major rivers of the island.

Dinner & overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

Day 08
Nuwara Eliya / Yala

After breakfast proceed to Yala.

En route visit the Buduruwagala Rock Temple.


Buduruwagala is an ancient buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. The complex consists of seven statues and belongs to the Mahayana school of thought. The statues date back to the 10th century. The gigantic Buddha statue still bears traces of its original stuccoed robe and a long streak of orange suggests it was once brightly painted. The central of the three figures to the Buddha's right is thought to be the Buddhist mythological figure-the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. To the left of this white painted figure is a female figure in the thrice-bent posture, which is thought to be his consort-Tara.

Afternoon Safari in Yala


The Yala National Park in southern Sri Lanka has the world's highest concentration of leopards. Much of the nature reserve is parkland, but it also includes jungle, beaches, freshwater lakes, rivers and scrubland.

In addition to leopards the Yala National Park is also home to substantial numbers of elephants, crocodiles, wild boar, water buffalo, grey langurs and many more varieties of large animals. But that's not all; the park is also home to birds of prey such as the white-bellied sea eagles, waders, painted Storks, the Indian peafowl and the Sri Lanka jungle fowl.

Dinner and overnight stay in Yala.

Day 09

After breakfast proceed to Bentota,

En route Madhu Ganga River Safari

Madhu Ganga River

The estuary of the Madu Ganga river is a complex coastal ecosystem of mangroves and islands. It may be one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka.

A boat trip is a wonderful way of seeing some of the hundreds of species of plants and animals – monkeys eat fruit in the trees, a water monitor lizard glides slowly through the water, and cormorants, egrets and kingfishers wait patiently on the banks, eyeing the water for prey.

There are around 64 islands in the river and lagoon, from a tiny speck housing a deserted shrine to one housing 250 families connected to the mainland with a very long footbridge.

After checking in to club Bentota Hotel, Relax and leisure at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay in Bentota.

Day 10

After breakfast water sports at club Bentota hotel.


Located on the southern tip of the island, this quaint resort town offers travellers everything from luxe beach beds to jet skiing, paragliding, snorkelling and scuba diving. Turquoise water and white sand beaches define Bentota and make it a must-visit not only for Lankans looking for a weekend getaway but also for any tourist visiting Sri Lanka. A mere 60km is all that separates paradise from the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Boasting an array of five-star hotels on its shore capable of confusing those looking for a splendid splurge of a weekend, we've taken it upon us to tell you a few of the best places to kick-back and unwind in this splendid Sri Lankan town.

Water Skiing ,Surfing and wind surfing

Dinner and overnight stay in Bentota.

Day 11
BENTOTA / Colombo

After Breakfast Proceed to Colombo.

Afternoon City Tour of Colombo.

Dinner and overnight stay in Colombo.

Day 12
Colombo / Airport

After breakfast transfer to airport for the departure flight

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